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Distributed spam fighting works. Silverstein sued Avtech, but worked with a group of people at Stanford coordinated by another anti-spammer -- Joe Wagner. A total of 21 lawsuits in small claims court were filed against Avtech awarding over $70,000 in damages. It appears that Avtech stopped spamming.

I found out later that Mr. Gary Hunziker has released from one of fine federal penal facilities on March 22, 2006.

January 12, 2005: Court rules against Avtech for Silverstein. The court dismissed without prejudice for MD&I as the court made a mistake and failed to serve MD&I by certified mail. After court Arlene Sediqzad, said, "Mr. Silverstein, you may want to buy a picture frame, because you’re never going to get a dime from me." Both Arlene Sediqzad and Gary Hunziker believe that have the right to break the law, to illegally use computers that belong to others to send spam, and ignore orders of the court. I'm not the only one who believe that they are rip-off artists and low life scum.

I filed against them in small claims lawsuit for $5000. If you have received spam from them, you should consider filing a lawsuit against them for $1,000 for each spam. 

When I sent a demand letter to Avtech Direct, they accused me of trying to extort them. Their spam not only violates the CAN-SPAM ACT, but also violates the California law that allows individuals to file suit for $1000 per spam.

Here is how their spam violates the law:

  • The from e-mail address does not work. I have several bounce-backs from that address.

  • The subject line is deceptive, Staff Announcement, ADV: Staff Announcement, Staff Bulletin, etc.

  • They don't list their physical postal address, but they list a private mailbox location.

  • My letter made it clear, spam was not welcome, they continued spamming.

Avtech Direct is not a corporation, but a DBA. The people involved are:

Arlene Sediozad, Jon Camila, Sitara Sediozad, Gary Hunziker, and MDI&O Inc. MDI&O  Inc. are the ones who actually build the computer and makes the charges to the credit cards for the purchases.

MDI&O is a California Corporation.


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