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Case #DefendantNext DateStatus
BC480994Alivemax, Nauder Khazan, Melissa Khazan, et al. (it has been amended to include Nadar Khazanedar, Melissa Khazanedar, Raquel Khazanedar, and NameCheap, Inc.September 19, 2012, Motions to compel NameCheap further respond to Plaintiff's Form Interrogatories and Plaintiff's Request Ongoing. NameCheap filed a demurrer claiming immunity under 47 USC 230(c)(1) which will be heard on October 29, 2012.
BC352733T.J. Web Productions , LLC and Nino Enterprises  Settled
BC340018Shade Tree Systems, Web Entertainment Group, Vivid Entertainment, Crazy Protocol Communications, and Cherry Blossom Solutions Motion to strike answers of Shade Tree and Cherry Blossom Solutions was granted.
BC333434Optin Global Inc. Judgment for Plaintiff entered on 5/13/2006 in the amount of $100,000.
005 00160Experienced, Inc, Patricia Quesada, Sylvia Bedoya, and DOES 1-50 The motion dismiss was granted, and we are waiting on the appeal to the 9th circuit. 9th Circuit turned down that a written motion for jurisdictional discovery should have been made.
BC326033World Wide Web Enterprises, LC, Robert Smoley, Darin Grey, Icom Group LLC, Priority Response Group International, LLCNoneMarch 3, 2011, Smoley sentenced to 40 months.

2/02/2007, Judgment for Silverstein in the amount of $20,103.89, the remaining unpaid amount of the settlement.

04M15492Arlene Sediqzad, Jon Camila, Sitara Sediqzad, Gary Hunziker, and MDI&O Judgment entered on 1/12/2005.Another Plaintiff win. 
BC300938Eyefive, Inc., Global Web Promotions, et. al. Settled. I cannot comment on the terms of the settlement.
03M0701Mosaic Data Sysems 8/15/2003 Judgment against Mosaic for $238.00. Mosaic has so far refused to pay the judgment.

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