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1/30/2007Defendant's motion for judgment on the pleading is denied. Clyde DeWitt says in Court that if we associate their client with child pornography, they will file a libel suit. DeWitt  has yet to explain how an e-mail address create for and only given to TJ Web Productions has been getting spam advertising child pornography.
1/26/2007Defendant files their reply brief.
1/12/2007Filed our opposition to the Defendant's motion for judgment on Pleadings.
12/20/2006Defendant TJ Web Productions file a motion for judgment on the pleadings. Claiming that the CAN-SPAM Act preempts the California Law.
8/25/2006The judge denied TJ Web's motion to quash stating that its website is sufficiently interactive to confer California jurisdiction -- which means that there is general jurisdiction of TJ Web in California. The judge sustained three of my demurrers of Nino's Enterprises affirmative defenses.
8/18/2006TJ Web filed their reply brief to my opposition to their motion to quash. They point out this site and call me a professional plaintiff, similar to the ADA shakedowns. I only bring these suits because the companies that hire spammers fail to obey the law. The ADA shake downs, similar to Robert Blackseth claiming to go to Hotels, but filing a lawsuit for $4,000 for  failing to accommodate for his deafness, but when fought, he drops the case. According to sources he filed against several Hotels for the same violation within a few days. I don't look for the spam, it is forced into my email box hundreds of times a day. I wouldn't file lawsuits, but for Defendants forcing pornography into our and our children's email boxes.
8/14/2006Nino filed an opposition to the demurrer claiming that claiming it this demurrer was filed only to give Nino busy work, but they ignore the law. This claim is clearly false, as their reasoning this hearing is on the same date as the hearing for the motion to quash. Nino ignores the truth -- that they moved the date of the hearing for the motion to quash to be the same date as the hearing on the demmurer. Is Harcourt Fenton Mudd an associate at Weston, Garrous, DeWitt & Walters? And of course, there was no service of this opposition upon the Plaintiff -- AGAIN!
8/11/2006Filed my opposition to TJ Web's motion to quash. They do significant amounts of business in California and requires each member to their web site to submit to California jurisdiction.
7/19/2006Filed a demurrer of Nino's Enterprises' answer.
7/7/2006TJ Web filed a motion to quash based on jurisdiction. Nino Enterprises filed an answer. The answer included a defense that prosecuting a company for violating the first amendment violates their free speech rights. I guess that Raffi Vartanian and his lawyers believe that pushing pornography upon children in violation of the law is his right. Neither the motion to quash or the answer were served on my attorney -- interesting considering that in a prior case, DeWitt had said to me a while back, "I was a Texas prosecutor and I am tired of jailhouse attorneys" and that if I don't follow all the rules, he'll have me sanctioned. His firm failed to properly serve responses.
5/22/2006Filed a verified original complaint against T.J. Web Productions, LLC and Nino Enterprises and DOES 1-50 for spamming.
September 2005I sent a demand letter to TJ Web. Their attorney Clyde DeWitt responded. He asked for samples and threatened to file a CCP § 425.16 motion, if I filed suit. For those who do not know, that is the California anti-SLAPP statute. In his second letter, DeWitt told me that he'd make an example of me, if I file suit against his client. Of course that response made me make an example of TJ Web.
7/25/2004I sent an email complaining of their spam to both Defendants, but nothing was done. Of course, the spam continued.

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