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March 3, 2011Robert Smoley was sentenced to 40 months. This is after having over $40,000,000.00 seized.
November 5, 2010.Robert Smoley plead guilty to conspiracy to distribute schedule III and IV controlled substances, in violation of 21 U.S.C. § 846, and conspiracy to launder money, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1956(h) in connection with his online pharmacy business promoted by spamming.
2/02/2007Smoley had another attorney call me and ask if I would accept $5,000 from him to let him off the hook, leaving the other Defendants on the hook. I said no.
2/02/2007Entered a judgment against Defendants for the $20,103.89 -- the remaining amount of the settlement plus costs, fees, and interest. It turns out that he stiff his California attorney.
7/20/2006I was contacted by an investigator from the Internal Revenue Service. I had a nice 45 minute discussion with him
7/15/2006The first time Smoley made a timely payment, he used a bad check. An attorney should know that passing a bad check is a criminal offense.
4/11/2006Parties enter into a settlement agreement. Since Smoley had problems with the IRS, Smoley had to make monthly payments on this settlement.
1/30/2006The Court grants my motion to remand.
1/03/2006Defendants' file their reply brief to my opposition to their motion to quash service.
1/03/2006I filed my reply brief to Defendants' opposition to my motion to remand.
12/27/2005I filed my opposition to Defendants' motion to Quash Service of Summons.
10/25/2005Defendants filed a to motion to quash service of summons
10/23/2005I filed my motion to remand.
10/04/2005Smoley had Sean Ellsworth call and threaten me with a libel action. Smoley was claiming that posting a copy of the complaint on the this web site was libelous.
10/3/2005Defendants removed this case to Federal Court.
8/05/2005Smoley, on behalf of himself and all corporate defendants, was served, despite his attempts to avoid service. Grey was also served.
7/29/2005Grey's motion to quash was denied.
7/12/2005Filed my opposition to Grey's motion to quash. Not only did I allege sufficient jurisdictional facts, but my amended complaint moot his motion..
7/11/2005Filed the First Amended Verified Complaint ("FAC"). I added ICOM Group and Priority Response Group International, to the complaint.
6/15/2005Darin Grey filed a motion to quash, claiming no jurisdiction. Almost all spammers try that trick.
12/16/2004Filed a verified original complaint against World Wide Web Enterprices, LC, Robert Smoley, Darin Grey and DOES 1-50 for spamming.

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