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Mattel is not the only company that uses SLAPP suits. Many other companies use this tactic too.

  • Robert Novak is silencing critics with a baseless lawsuit. He is using the expense a  lawsuit to extort public apologies and placement of banner advertising on the sites of people who complained about bad service. People have said that he plans on going after the BBB for giving him a bad rating too. Unfortunately, the NY anti-SLAPP statute only protects people talking about government dealings. I consider Novak's behavior without honor, without ethics, and just plain scummy. His business might be better if he concentrated on customer service instead of litigation.

  • Carla Virga v. Terminix - Virga complained that Terminix missed over $20,000 of pre-existing damages to a house Terminix supposedly to inspected. Terminix filed a libel lawsuit in California against Virga for libel. After the libel lawsuit was thrown out on a SLAPP motion, Terminix's parent attacked. Service Master filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Virga for using both the Terminix name and the Service Master Name on the site. When Virga defended suit, Service Master dismissed the suit without prejudice. This is similar to what Mattel did to me, when the judge asked Mattel what was libelous, Mattel's attorney moved to dismiss their lawsuit.

  • The Shops at Willow Bend silences Hank Mishkoff. They went after Hank because he had ShopsAtWillowBend.com, then when he told people about it at TaubmanSucks.com the attorneys shut that down to. NEWS! The appeals court overturned the injunction on Taubmansucks.com

  • Unicom is going after Chip Rosenthal and his company Unicom Systems Development. This is a classic case of reverse domain name hijacking. Unicom sued Chip, only when he refused to sell them the domain that he had been running since 1990. This is all detailed at http://save.unicom.com  
    NEWS:  February 4, 2002. Judge granted summary judgment for Chip which dismisses the case. He had the help of Attorney James S. Tyre. Tyre has been heavily involved in internet freedom. He also has been  involved in The Censorware Project, the DeCSS linking case, and Felton v. RIAA.



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