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Did Mattel lie to the House Ways and Means Committee

In 1993 Mattel Vice-President Fermin Cuza testified before the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Trade that NAFTA would create jobs and have "a very positive effect on more than 2,000 [Mattel] U.S. employees."  [Nasty Nafta]

We question any of the 980 laid off workers in Kentucky as to the truthfulness of  Mattel's testimony. Is the Department of Labor's certification that 520 workers laid off from the Medina, NY plant a lie?

Glen Bozarth, Mattel's spokesperson, supports the firing of a worker who possessed materials on workers rights. He claimed that she was properly fired for distributing those "subversive" materials. This was after Delfina Rodríguez, reportedly, was interrogated until the next morning for hours without access to bathroom, or calls to family. [Mattel Cuts US Jobs to Open Sweatshops in Other Countries]

The National Labor Committee reports Mattel's abuses of workers in China. 



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