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Smoking causes Brain damage?

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These pictures are taken in the Los Angeles area of people whose brains are so damaged, they cannot tell the difference between an ashtray and their car window. Or maybe these people just too lazy, rude, and inconsiderate  to reach the ashtray. They may not realize that they are damaging their paint, but what do you expect from someone with brain rot?

A coward, who refused to identify himself sent this note on June 23, 2002:

Who cares? You'd probably be complaining if Hundreds of Thousands of road- cleanup workers were fired due to the lack of trash on the roadways. And the pictures you had didn't even show people throwing their Butts out the window, only their ashes. Get a life and stop promoting the fascist ideals that you seem to think you're opposing-"

Fascist ideal?? This is not just rude, inconsiderate, crude, but it is against the law. Fires are started by this. It damages other peoples cars. 

Road-cleanup workers are not going to be put out of work. Maybe the firefighters won't get as much overtime from fires started.

I didn't say they were only throwing butts out the window. Even so, it is illegal and dangerous to throw ashes out of the window. Is this person claiming he only throws the ashes out the window, but not the butts? 

You decide if this person is a complete moron.

P4120079.JPG (27735 bytes)This was taken on April 12, 2002 at 4:00pm on Normandy by Olympic. Is he so brain damaged that he can't even pick his nose, or is this a gang sign?P4120077.JPG (11812 bytes)

P3250073.JPG (30081 bytes)P3250068.JPG (8847 bytes)P3250069.JPG (22493 bytes)

This was taken on March 25, 2002 at 11:01 am. People confusing their car window with an ashtray is not unique to Los Angeles, as this was taken in the Boston area. 

P3050088.JPG (20849 bytes)This was taken on March 5, 2002 at 8:14 am. She was headed Westbound on I-10. If you know her, maybe you can teach her the concept of ashtray.P3050086.JPG (10835 bytes)

jerk1.JPG (18473 bytes)jerk2.JPG (10460 bytes)jerk3.JPG (15484 bytes)

This was taken on February 14, 2002 at 5:10pm. He was northbound on Western Avenue near 8th Street. Though this was in Korea Town portion of Los Angeles, he should be able to say, "Ash Tray."


but1.gif (227176 bytes)plate1.gif (48295 bytes)


I noticed this person had a taxi sign on his visor. Is this a gypsy cab?Even if he was a legal cab driver, would you trust your life to someone who can't tell the difference between a window and an ashtray?Taken Jan 12, 2002 3:44 pm
but2.gif (187626 bytes)plate2.gif (36724 bytes)ass2.gif (129549 bytes)

I'm tempted to use a blonde joke here, but even a  blonde can tell the difference between a window and an ashtray.This was taken on 10E just
 before 405.
P1300057.JPG (28913 bytes)P1300056.JPG (11801 bytes)



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